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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If it’s a beautiful sunny day and you are paddling on the flat calm river or in the sheltered marina, sports shorts or yoga leggings with a lightweight top are perfect. You’ll have the extra layer of your buoyancy aid to keep you warm.  

If it is your first time or the weather isn’t that great and you are concerned about being cold should you fall in (particularly if you are paddling on the ocean), we recommend that you wear a good quality, wetsuit. We offer wetsuit rental of all sizes and ages from 10 year olds up to XXL size adults.

Absolutely!! Anyone willing to learn is able to be taught to stand up paddle board. It doesn’t matter if you have NO previous water sports experience, at Wesup all inhibitions are left at the waters edge. Whether you are 18 or 81, fat or thin, fit or not… everyone is able to enjoy their own paddle board experience within the comfort of their own ability.

Possibly, however all of our instructors will offer the tuition you need to give you the best chance of getting up onto and staying on your feet. There are some factors giving you greater odds of falling in, such as the weather. But don’t fear falling in, it can be great fun and a refreshing dip after working up a sweat paddling. 

The ultimate ambition for us is to get up onto your feet to give you the ultimate SUP experience, that being said not everyone feels confident on their first go – which is absolutely cool with us. All of the paddle techniques we teach you both on and off the water will apply whether you are kneel paddling or stand up paddling. 

You really don’t need to bring much with you, imagine you are going to the gym- they are the essentials we are talking about. We encourage you to bring a bottle of water (but not in a single use plastic bottle), sun cream (if it’s sunny), a waterproof watch if you have one to keep track of the time, a towel, and dry clothes to get changed back into.

Please do not turn up to our centre with excessive loads of gear. We simply do not have the space to store it whilst you are enjoying your activity. Just one backpack each please if possible. Please do not bring your naughty barky dog for us to mind whilst you go paddling and please note, we do not offer a childminding service. So please don’t bring your little ones if there is no one to look after them whilst you paddle.

Of course, if you would prefer having a lesson or joining a tour on your own board, then be our guest. We encourage using your own board so you’re more comfortable when paddling alone.

Honestly, unless you have serious mobility issues, paddle boarding knows no age barriers! Our normal customers fall between the ages of between 25 and 65 but the oldest human we’ve taught was 86 and he was a total legend! Paddle boarding has so few risks of injury and requires such little physical effort when the weather is good, that basically if you can still walk, are comfortable in the water and have the upper body strength to move from a lying down position to a standing position, you can definitely paddle! We’d absolutely love to support you with your paddling experience.

Unfortunately we are not licenced to enable minors (under 18’s) to paddle without their legal guardian on the water. Our family lessons are designed for younger paddlers and their guardians to get on the water.  If you really do not want to or are totally unable to share the experience with youngsters, you can enroll them on to a private lesson but a legal guardian must remain within full eye and ear shot at all times during the session.

We absolutely Love first time paddlers, Soak is the gateway for people to start and progress through to any level of ability they want to reach.

We will give you all the instruction and safety advice you’ll need to become a confident paddler and move through your paddle boarding development, whether its a one off experience or the start of a new found passion.

All great things have to start somewhere right?

This is a good question and one we hear a lot so…. 

Unless the we deem the weather conditions to be dangerous then the activity will go ahead. Refunds will not be offered in the instance of miserable weather or excuses that sound like the dog ate your homework. If you really cant make your session for whatever reason we will happily offer you a voucher that can be redeemed at anytime in the future.

If you have an activity booked in advance but are concerned about poor weather, don’t panic our staff are constantly observing the conditions leading up to your booked activity and will advise you if the session needs to be cancelled due to dangerous weather within 48 hours of your activity. If this does occur we will offer vouchers or a full refund.

We do not offer refunds in any circumstances unless we have to cancel a session due to dangerous weather. We will only honor a refund if the activity is cancelled by you 14 days prior to the activity starting. 

We will however on every occasion offer activity vouchers should you not be able to make the activity on the original date.

For any further information please check out refund policy 

Ideally you just need to be comfortable in the water should you fall in but you will be wearing a buoyancy aid and you will be connected to a massive flotation device… Your paddle board. 

If you can’t swim very well and you are prone to panicking when your head goes under, we would only recommend that you take a private lesson with us so that our super experienced instructors keep a close eye on you. 

If you can’t swim very well but are nice and relaxed in the water, you can take comfort in the fact that you will be wearing a buoyancy aid indexed at 50 newtons of flotation which WILL keep you well afloat should you fall in.

Buoyancy aids seem to carry some stigma, even though ours are really cool! People tend to object to them but they are absolutely compulsory for all customers’ safety. There are a number of reasons for this, here are a few…

  1. So that we can spot you at a distance whilst we are keeping and eye on your safety. 
  2. So that you float if you have an accident and wind yourself or need to be recovered from the water.
  3. Because our insurance company and licensing authority commands it.

We really appreciate your understanding.

Unfortunately we can not take responsibility for any valuables left in our care. At each of our locations we have a lock box for wallets and keys which are stored behind our desk. Whilst we take all precautions to protect the valuables you leave with us, we simply can not totally guarantee them. We advise you do not bring anything that is particularly valuable, just in case.

If you book an activity with us, we will provide you with a nice quality paddle, a high quality Fanatic or Luum paddle board and perfect condition safety leash. We will also provide everyone with a buoyancy aid and yes… it is absolutely compulsory to wear it whilst you are on the water.

Getting back onto the board when you are out of your depth is easy peasy! Our Fanatic and Luum paddle boards are really stable and have nice wide decks for you to clamber back on. It just takes a little technique which we will show you before you get on the water.

Unfortunately, if you can’t fit into our buoyancy aids, regretfully we can not allow you to take our equipment on the water. However, if you have your own buoyancy aid that fits you properly, please feel free to bring it along and you will be extremely welcome to take part in any of our activities. This is a matter of safety and we appreciate your understanding.

Our paddle board and kayak hire is on a per person basis. Each hire session is inclusive of a buoyancy aid and a dynamic hire brief, designed to prepare the individual hiring the board for a safe and fun experience. For health & safety and insurance reasons we do not permit sharing of boards and children are not allowed to sit on the front of their parents boards.

You are very welcome to bring your camera or phone to document your experience, however we recommend snapping pictures before and after your session whilst on dry land! We do not provide waterproof cases for your phone, so if you do take it out on the board with you it is at your own risk. Our advice is to fully embrace the experience whilst out on the water and make the most of not having a phone nearby! You are in safe hands as our instructors keep watch from the shore.

We do not dog-sit whilst you are on the water enjoying your activity (as much as we would love to play with puppies all day!) If a member of your group is not going on the water and has volunteered to dog-sit, then we ask them to wait outside or enjoy a walk whilst you paddle. the beach does have dog restrictions during the summer season, so we recommend checking to see if you are permitted to walk your dog at our location.

Yes we do! Our vouchers are the perfect gift to share an experience with somebody- you can choose from our range of lessons and activities to buy, or you can buy a custom amount. Our vouchers are valid for 1 year.  Once you have purchased a voucher we email you the digital voucher for you to print off or send onto the recipient.