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Paddle Board Hire

SUP the bay

New for the 2023 season, Soak now offers 2 SUP hire options. The first includes a cheeky little How To SUP induction whereas the second offers no instruction and is only available for experienced paddlers.

Hint: Total beginners or paddlers with limited skill should choose ‘SUP The Bay‘ activity. Confident paddlers who require no instruction and could easily pass our basic 60 second qualification test should choose ‘Pure SUP Hire.’ 

Please scroll down and choose the right session for your ability.

SUP the bay

SUP The Bay is an equipment rental service with a little extra. It includes board, paddle, buoyancy aid and a cheeky little ‘how to SUP’ lesson and time to explore the bay and practice your new SUP skills.  

This session is the perfect way for beginners to get a fun taster of the sport. If you’ve paddle before but never been taught basic skills, this might be the session for you. You’ll enjoy 15 minutes of expert ‘on land’ training, 15 minutes ‘on water’ training and then 30 minutes of free-time to SUP The Bay of Abbey Sands Beach. You can of course add extra hours if you feel like having more fun! Extra hours are just £10 per hour

This session should not be mistaken for a Beginner SUP Lesson. If you wish to guarantee your success and truly learn how to SUP, please take a look at our SUP Lesson products.

£25 1st hour and just £10 per extra hour
£8 wetsuit hire

Pure sup hire

Pure SUP Hire is a ‘no frills‘ equipment rental service for confident and competent paddlers. The hourly price includes, board, paddle & compulsory buoyancy aid. We offer this service for anyone who has previously enjoyed some level of SUP training and who can hop on a board and glide away from the beach with confident skill.


If you can already SUP, Pure SUP Hire at Soak offers an epic way to safely explore the beautiful coastline of our UNESCO Geopark at your own pace. Starting at Abbey Sands Beach, you can safely head West to spot the ocean wildlife, glide over the stunning natural reefs and cruise through the amazing cliff caves.

Important: Soak is the most perfect and energising place to rent a paddle board but due to the enormous rise in serious safety issues, Pure SUP Hire on Abbey Sands Beach is reserved for qualified paddlers only. You are qualified by proving your ability to stand and perform 3 essential paddling skills on the ocean confidently. You’ll be asked to perform a push turn stroke, a back paddle stop and a power forward stroke. If you cannot perform these strokes, please do not book this rental service as you will not be offered a refund if you fail to qualify your skills.

£15 first hour, £10 per extra hour (exclusive online price only)
£8 wetsuit hire


 Due to the massive influx of cheap equipment, tens of thousands of people have recently taken to SUP with no training or water safety awareness. To help the industry rectify this enormous education deficit, Soak has decided to ban ‘pick up your board & go’ rentals. Instead, we offer all inexperienced paddlers an opportunity to gain essential skills and safety awareness prior to renting our equipment via our SUP Lessons, SUP The Bay or Reef Explorer activities. The result will be more responsible, safe and skilful paddlers who’ll help to maintain the reputation of our young sport.

Whats included


Paddle, Board and 50N Buoyanancy Aid included with every session

Your safety

Your safety is our priority, that's why every hire session includes an informative safety brief

Under 18's

Under 18's must be booked in by legal guardian who remains in eye and earshot. This activity is not suitable for under 12s.