NEW this season, we’re introducing Bring Your Own (BYO) SUPer Clinic in response to the national water safety emergency. If you are looking to become a true stand up paddler, this essential foundational day course is the best SUP education available.

 These clinics take you through the following essential learning modules. Part one is suitable for new and novice paddlers where skills will be learned to comfortably take part in part 2.

*Part 2 is not recommended for novice paddlers who have not undertaken Part 1. Please contact us for support if you are unsure.


Twice a month on a Saturday & Sunday running over April & May 

2 x 4 hour Clinics run consecutively on a Saturday & Sunday. You can choose to join part 1 & part 2 or separately on any days they are being run.

Part 1: 8am – 12pm (£60pp)
Part 2: 2pm – 6pm (60pp)

*Part 2 is not recommended for novice paddlers who have not undertaken Part 1. Please contact us for support if you are unsure.

Part 1 (MORNING)
  1. Weather and tidal charts and forecasting (classroom), 
  2. Equipment knowledge & set up 
  3. Technical kneel paddling & stand up paddling, 
  4. Advance turning skills 
  5. Paddling in Wind
  1. Paddling with core power for fitness and speed (part class room)
  2. Paddling in choppy & waves 
  3. Advanced Paddling in wind
  4. Self rescue & defensive paddling.
  1. Journey planning, adventure preparation and expedition kit

The BYO SUPer Clinic is a unique opportunity for limitless questions and learning and your 100% improvement is guaranteed, or your money back!

About The Course

We all had to start somewhere, but over the last two years, thousands of people have invested in a board & paddle before investing in their personal water safety or paddling skills. Following a number of devastating accidents, SUP safety is in the spotlight and Soak’s BYO SUPer Clinic is here to help.

As humans we simply don’t know what we dont know. The ocean and water ways of the country are often glorified in the media as safe spaces for all, but with absolutely no training or awareness of the risks, dangers and planning measures required to experience SUP as a sport, lives can be at risk.

SUP is far more than a basic beach toy or glorified lilo, but if played with like a toy in unfamiliar environments when the risks are unknown, SUP can be dangerous to life. As a result, The RNLI is now (by a great margin) attending more incidents to SUPers than any other activity. It’s all good until it isn’t and when the wind changes power or direction or the tide and current catches you off guard, you need the education, the skill and the paddling power to deal with it to save your life and possibly the life of your paddle pal.

BYO SUPer Clinic is a comprehensive education and for motivated paddlers who care about the reputation of the sport, their personal safety, paddle skillset and environmental awareness. So if you’re passionate about paddling but lack essential paddle skill, water confidence or weather and wind chart knowledge, the BYO SUPer Clinic at Soak is for you!

About Your Trainer This specialist full day clinic is run by expert SUP instructor Sean White. He is one of the founders of SUP as we know it in the UK and a super passionate and purist ambassador of the sport. Not only is he one of the UK’s most experienced SUP instructors, he is an experienced expedition paddler. He has literally paddled the world and endured all the environmental conditions you could imagine from 50mph wind to ocean swells so big they make the cliffs on the landscape disappear. He also specialises in bespoke training for people with personal challenges around water confidence (which is 75% of new ocean paddlers) so you’re in safe hands!  

Whats included


Compulsory 50N Buoyanancy Aid included with every session

Your safety

Your safety is our priority, that's why every hire session includes an informative safety brief

Under 18's

Under 18's must be booked in by legal guardian who remains in eye and earshot. This activity is not suitable for under 14s. ( 10-14's can join our family lesson)